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Performance & Operations Improvement
In today’s dynamic and constantly changing marketplace, organizations must be able to plan and manage growth with an emphasis on speed, innovation, agility, quality, service and cost reduction. At the same time, increased competition and customer expectations continue to drive the need for process redesign and improvement. The following scope of services allows APPRIMUS to assist clients in evolving to this desired “best-in-class” operational environment:

Business Processing Reengineering (BPR) – utilizes a unique BPR framework and modeling tool to target, understand, innovate, and transform an organization’s processes from their current state to an optimized future environment.
Integrated Change Management (ICM) – evaluates the client’s readiness and ability to accept a planned transformation, and develops a change management program.
Straight Through Processing (STP) – leverages the capabilities of electronic capture, imaging, and workflow management tools to streamline operational throughput within applicable business processing operations.
Office Document Assessment (ODA) – utilizes the latest automated tools to help users determine the most efficient and cost effective ways to produce and deliver all forms of output throughout the enterprise. Assessment results have the potential of lowering output costs by 40%.


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